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Diversity Task Force Timeline

December 2012:

President-Elect Patrick J. Fiedler directed the creation of the Diversity Task Force which was charged to:

“Determine the role of the State Bar in promoting and furthering diversity within the law schools, the profession and the State Bar by identifying an approach to diversity that will serve the Wisconsin legal profession. This includes creating the State Bar’s definition of “diversity”, a future committee structure, organization wide diversity initiatives as well as the future of the Diversity Clerkship Program and diversity based CLE programs. In addition, the Task Force will develop an action plan for the implementation of identified changes to create leadership opportunities for diverse lawyers with Wisconsin and the legal profession and articulate how diversity should inform, shape and influence the work of the State Bar across the organization.”

May 2013:

President-Elect Fiedler appointed the members of the Diversity Task Force.

July 2013:

The Diversity Task Force met to review their charge. Over the next year they reviewed efforts from other State Bars and the American Bar Association; engaged in 15 listening sessions with a variety of groups who represent stakeholders in the Wisconsin legal profession; examined the State Bar’s past history in addressing diversity and inclusion; and assessed the viability of existing programming.

June 2014:

After all the data was collected, the Diversity Task Force presented the Diversity Task Force Report & Recommendations to the State Bar of Wisconsin Board of Governors. The Board approved the report as written.

July 2014:

The members of the Diversity & Inclusion Oversight Committee took up the charge laid out by the Diversity Task Force Report.