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Communication & Education Subcommittee


The Communication & Education Subcommittee was formed and charged with promoting and furthering diversity in the Wisconsin Legal Profession as a whole; and communicating the Diversity & Inclusion Oversight Committee’s work and recommendations to other entities; educating the public and legal profession regarding diversity and inclusion issues. Currently the subcommittee is designing a web presence to reach State Bar members, law students, and the public. They are also collaborating with the Challenges Facing New Lawyers Committee to research other states’ loan repayment assistance programs and explore viability of Wisconsin offering similar program.​

The subcommittee is currently working on a Diversity and Inclusion Oversight webpage through the State Bar that will help to effectively communicate news, programming and opportunities regarding the State Bar's diversity efforts. This webpage will be available to the public.

The subcommittee is also establishing a plan to reach out to the Wisconsin Specialty Bars to support increased dialogue about opportunities for their members to be involved in bar activities, especially committee and section involvement, and will likely include a traveling presentation. The subcommittee is planning and organizing a diversity-focused CLE program that may become incorporated in the traveling presentation. The subcommittee will continue to look at ways to utilize State Bar resources to effectively communicate such as shooting short 4-6 minute message byte videos to post on the SBW YouTube page. Also, the subcommittee is discussing the possibility and logistics of a diversity list serve with weekly topics to discuss and the ability for sections and specialty bars to post their event information.