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    Guardians Ad Litem

    The Racine County Circuit Court judges will appoint six (6) attorneys to act as GUARDIANS AD LITEM. The guardian ad litem (GAL) is to function independently in the same manner as an attorney for a party to the action, be a spokesperson for those whose voices would otherwise go unheard, and provide the court with an objective recommendation in advocating for the best interests of a child or ward that takes into account factors such as age, sense of time, level of maturity, culture and ethnicity, degree of attachment to family members and attachment to family members.

    Criteria for appointment will be based upon the attorneys' experience and knowledge of family, paternity, juvenile, mental commitment, protective placement and probate law, a proven record of high quality work and reliability.

    Each guardian ad litem will receive $61,000 paid in monthly increments of $5083.33.

    The Guardian Ad Litem appointed under this judicial order will be considered an independent contractor and will not be considered a Racine County employee for any purpose and will not receive any Racine County employee benefits. The appointed Guardian Ad Litem under this Order will be required to provide his/her own supplies, office and support services and will not receive those from the Racine County Clerk of Courts or from Racine County. Monthly reports must be filed with the Clerk of Court utilizing the standard format supplied by the Clerk of Court. Training, travel and expenses for training and legal materials are not provided or reimbursed by Racine County.

    ​Application can be made online at: ​​

    Location = Racine