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    • The “Uberization” of Legal Services: Consistent with Ethics Rules?
    • A number of Wisconsin lawyers have received letters from virtual marketplaces inviting them to participate in their legal services. Contracting for legal work through a virtual marketplace doesn’t require merely making sure your office is fully equipped and your insurance is up to date. State Bar ethics counsel Aviva Kaiser explores the difficult issues that persist concerning a lawyer’s ability to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

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  • President's Message
  • Wisconsin’s Dispiriting Incarceration Rates
  • Our state has some of the worst incarceration rates for racial and ethnic minorities in the nation. Fran Deisinger announces a new justice initiative to examine and find ways to address this equal justice issue.
  • Your State Bar
  • Suspended Animation
  • What happens if your law license is administratively suspended? A lot, says George Brown, none of it good.
  • On Balance
  • 10 Traits That Slow Your Career Success
  • Paula Davis-Laack says some qualities that lawyers credit with their achievement in school and on the job might actually be hindering their ability to move higher in the law.
  • Final Thought
  • Growing Up Is Overrated
  • Tim Vocke urges lawyers to do fun stuff now; don’t wait until “retirement” (whatever that is).