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Wisconsin has attempted to balance public and private interests in the thousands of miles of land abutting lakes and other waterways through the legislative mandate of shoreland zoning. Understanding shoreland zoning today requires reading statutory changes from the three most recent legislative sessions in context with existing DNR rules and local zoning ordinances. Here is a summary of many of the current standards and rules.
By Paul G. Kent
Lawyers have an ethical obligation to understand core principles surrounding the preservation and production of electronically stored information, including steps that can be taken to preserve confidential and privileged data. The author outlines some of the most relevant rules of professional conduct and ethics opinions for litigators dealing with 21st-century technology.
By Timothy D. Edwards
Soldier, politician, lawyer, and cabinet member Alexander Hamilton was also a writer, and today’s lawyers can learn much from his approach to wordsmithing. The author riffs on the Broadway musical biography “Hamilton” to illustrate Hamilton’s legal writing prowess.
By Stephanie L. Melnick

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  • President's Message
  • Button Your Coats
  • Whether you like the new season or not, Fran Deisinger advises leaning into the wind to defend the rule of law.
  • Your State Bar
  • Decline in Membership
  • George Brown says as a result of recent law school enrollment and practice trends, the State Bar’s net membership in FY18 will decline for the first time in almost 60 years.
  • 101
  • Top 5 Ways to Attract and Win New Corporate Clients
  • Joe Kelly says by demonstrating their firms’ savvy, security, responsiveness, and proven compliance with outside counsel guidelines, lawyers can increase their chances at winning corporate business. Here’s how.
  • Ethics
  • Some LinkedIn Content Might Be 'Advertising'
  • Dean Dietrich says lawyers should think about the Rules of Professional Conduct and their requirements when posting things to their LinkedIn pages to avoid running afoul of the lawyer-advertising requirements.

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