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The use of genetic-genealogy test results by law enforcement agencies and other investigators to attempt to identify criminal suspects is regarded by many people as positive, but scientific limitations and privacy-related legal and ethical concerns abound
By Bicka Barlow & Dr. Kristen McCowan
Wisconsin law provides some protections against adverse employment actions for employees who have disabling illnesses or conditions that affect their work. A recent Wisconsin Court of Appeals case demonstrates that employers must act in good faith when employees request disability accommodations in the workplace.
By Jennifer Scott Mirus & Storm Larson
In law, as in life generally, resolving a disagreement often requires the willingness to give up some things in exchange for getting others. Lawyers who are great negotiators can help clients reach optimal results.
By David William Simon & John Burrows

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Ethics
  • Know Your (Material) Limits
  • "Material" limitations on representing potential clients might not be immediately apparent. Stacie Rosenzwieg says lawyers have an ethical duty to think about their relationships and responsibilities that could be significant enough to become conflicts of interest.
  • Solutions
  • Taking Steps to Stop Violence Against the Legal Community
  • "Reduce Your Risk: A Guide to Personal Safety and Security for the Legal Community" helps legal professionals recognize the potential for violence against them and take steps to prevent it. Jeff Brown presents some key takeaways.
  • Technology
  • Pick Your Winner: 2024 Smartphone Lineup
  • James Pearson highlights key security aspects, overall performance, and battery life of the year's top smartphone manufacturers: Apple, Google, Samsung, and Motorola.

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