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The court issued fewer 4-3 decisions but decided major issues during the 2022-23 term. As the court opens its 2023-24 term in September, we look back at the 45 substantive decisions issued in the 2022-23 term and ask a civil litigator and a former public defender for their insights.
By Jeff M. Brown
The author reviews six significant Wisconsin federal court decisions from 2023 interpreting Wisconsin law. The decisions touch on a variety of subjects: personal jurisdiction, legal causation, bad faith, claim preclusion, contractual liability limitations, and exclusive remedies.
By Daniel A. Manna
The author discusses a few of the most significant Wisconsin cases in which the supreme court has grappled with the liability or immunity rule, distinctions between governmental entities and governmental employees, and discretionary versus ministerial duties.
By John A. Becker

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