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Many legal scholars have criticized the doctrine of qualified immunity. Some say that it has no textual anchor in the language of 42 U.S.C. section 1983 – it is completely a judicial creation. Others emphasize the grave injustices that flow from the doctrine's application. The author suggests there is a state-law solution to what he views as a qualified immunity problem, at least in Wisconsin.
By Jeff Scott Olson
A Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation study shows that the 12 civil legal aid providers who received 96% of legal aid funding in Wisconsin in 2021 had a combined economic impact of $176 million. That's an 8.4-to-1 return on the money received by the programs.
By Jeff M. Brown
Travel outside the U.S. is once again a possibility, including, for lawyers, trips with a continuing legal education component. Here are highlights of one Wisconsin judge's recent trip to Morocco.
By Hon. Thomas John Walsh

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  • Duty Calls? When Someone Is Wrong on the Internet
  • "You're good at arguing. You should be a lawyer." Stacie Rosenzweig says that’s every lawyer's origin story. But that doesn't mean you should argue about other people's internet or social media posts, no matter how inaccurate they might be.

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