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Almost everyone has a cell phone, and many people use their phones even when doing so is not advisable. Cell phones hold a great deal of personal data that could be relevant in any legal proceeding. Civil litigators might find much relevant evidence in the phones of parties and others involved in their cases.
By Matthew C. Lein
This article examines how data breaches harm, how courts grapple with them, and how the Supreme Court's decision in Transunion v. Ramirez may shape what harms qualify as "concrete" under Article III.
By Alex Phillips
Explore the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration compared to litigation based on the goals of fair and efficient procedure, correct results, and minimizing adverse collateral consequences of the dispute resolution process; and the criteria that should govern the choice between those dispute resolution modes.
By Charles H. Barr

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  • Technology
  • Pick Your Winner: 2023 Smartphone Roundup
  • This year's smartphone lineup, compiled by James Pearson, reveals a focus on camera quality, larger screens, better battery life, and a shift away from offering free phones.
  • Solutions - Civil Litigation Series
  • Trending Topics in Business Litigation
  • Michael Cohen says lawyers who represent business clients will benefit from learning more about trending topics in business litigation and dispute resolution.
  • Practice Management
  • Pandemic Rule for On-Demand CLE Credits Expires Jan. 31, 2023
  • At the start of the pandemic, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a temporary rule that allowed attorneys to obtain almost all continuing legal education credits on demand. That rule expires at the end of January. Jeff Brown and Joe Forward explain what you need to know to obtain and report CLE credits for the 2021-22 reporting period and beyond.
  • FInal Thought
  • Final Thought: A Final Thought
  • Joe Forward reflects on a near-death experience and says a new year is a new opportunity to make changes for the better, whatever they may be.

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