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The Task Force on Wisconsin Lawyer Well-Being addresses the harm to lawyers' physical and mental health from stress and the risks this harm causes to the judicial system and the public. The task force presented its report and recommendations to the State Bar Board of Governors in December 2021.
By Jeff M. Brown
As State Bar president, Margaret Hickey's top priorities are helping newer lawyers, providing greater access to justice, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion both within the bar and in the wider legal profession.
By Ed Finkel
Know the possible legal perils for clients who buy, carry, and use items like pepper spray, bludgeons, and stun guns. This article explains how Wisconsin law defines and classifies less-than-lethal weapons, focusing on self-defense and concealed-carry statutes and regulations.
By Peter R. Heyne
Understanding the backdrop of scarcity, the perceived stability surrounding property rights, and the value of water in a dry land will help Wisconsin lawyers learn from the western United States and their residents.
By Gregor MacGregor

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Your State Bar
  • The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
  • By working together, Larry Martin says, lawyers, judges and State Bar staff can ensure that the state's legal professionals and judicial system continue to survive and thrive.
  • Managing Risk
  • Opening the Floodgates
  • Summer storms are one type of weather event that can disrupt a lawyer's or law firm's practice. Matt Beier says being prepared for the possibility of business interruptions and property damage is a vital element of law client service.
  • On Balance
  • The Business Case for Lawyer Well-Being
  • Julie Bonasso, a member of the Task Force on Wisconsin Lawyer Well-Being, lays out the business case for ensuring lawyers' mental and physical health.
  • Technology
  • Responding to a Data Breach
  • Law firms and lawyers experiencing cybersecurity incidents have both legal and ethical obligations to protect client data and inform clients of potential exposure. Kate Campbell and Christopher Shattuck provide tips to help you navigate a cybersecurity breach.

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