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To effectively manage stormwater quantity and quality, we need to do so in the context of watersheds and hydrologic processes rather than as a series of discrete issues and programs.
By Paul G. Kent, Erin O'Brien & Tracy Hames
Every autumn, a new cohort of students begins college. The focus in 2022 on the 50th anniversary of enactment of Title IX might help lawyers refresh themselves on ways to protect college-bound clients in courtrooms and classrooms.
By Brianna J. Meyer
Each spring, State Bar of Wisconsin members vote for one representative to the Wisconsin Judicial Council. This is an important position. Read what the Judicial Council is and what it does.
By Margo S. Kirchner
The author delves into and suggests how to harmonize law, technology, and democracy, especially as they relate to personal freedoms enshrined in the U.S. and state constitutions and as balanced with the public welfare.
By James J. Casey

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Law Day: Toward a More Perfect Union
  • To figure out what needs fundamental change, either within the U.S. Constitution or within the statutes, Cheryl Daniels suggests we ask for evidence and think about a law's actual effect on people's daily lives.
  • 101
  • Understanding Anchoring
  • Ralph Weber explains how anchoring – specifically, the enduring effects of exposure to an initial number on later decisions – can help or hinder your work as a lawyer.
  • Managing Risk
  • Timely Reporting a Malpractice Claim
  • If you become aware of a client's potential malpractice claim, Matt Beier, Brian Anderson, and Joe McCarthy say to immediately contact your professional liability insurer, regardless of your assessment of the claim's validity.
  • Technology
  • Encrypting Your Law Firm
  • Most data breaches can be avoided if users ensure that hardware, software, and communication encryption protocols are in place. Michael Eichacker, James Pearson, and Christopher Shattuck provide tips to protect your law firm and clients.
  • Final Thought
  • Healthy Lawyers Are the Best Advocates
  • Promoting and protecting lawyer well-being is vital not only to individual attorneys and their families, Lindsey Draper says, but also to clients, employers, and the public.

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