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Wisconsin's regulation of knives has changed in recent years, especially regarding concealed carry, persons with prior felony convictions, and possessing knives in government buildings like courthouses.
By Peter R. Heyne
Years of government service have taught Cheryl Daniels the importance of bringing people together to find good solutions. She'll put her experience and skills to good use moving the State Bar forward as the pandemic diminishes.
By Ed Finkel
The Biden administration is pursuing a human rights-focused foreign policy, which will affect Wisconsin businesses engaged in international trade. Read how companies can protect themselves from the increased trade measures ensuing from this policy shift.
By Ngosong Fonkem

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Your State Bar
  • Of Love and Labor
  • Larry Martin reminds that, as communications director Joyce Hastings retires, the State Bar is not a faceless institution, but one made up of people with passion for what they do to serve others.
  • Ethics
  • Dealing with Errors During Representation
  • Dean Dietrich says a major consideration when communicating with a client about a mistake is the nature of the mistake and the effect it might have on the success of the representation.
  • Managing Risk
  • Work-life Balance: In Search of 'Normalcy'
  • When personal circumstances overwhelm, things can go sideways quickly for even the best-intentioned lawyers. Tom Watson says seeking help can hasten a return to better functioning, personally and professionally.
  • Technology
  • Do Not Let Ransomware Win: Back Up Your Data
  • In football, often the best defense is a good offense – protect the ball, protect your quarterback. Christopher Shattuck says this axiom is also true when it comes to protecting your sensitive data.
  • Final Thought
  • Back to Normal? I Don't Think So
  • Roy Evans suggests we forget about the nostalgia of getting back to normal and embrace the reality that our future rests in a new normal and our abilities to adjust and embrace it.

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