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Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia ensures protection to employees nationwide and gives Wisconsin employees an alternative measure for enforcing the right to not be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation. Learn the differences between state and federal employment law to choose the appropriate forum in which to bring discrimination claims.
By Brianna Marie Covington
You can improve your chances of persuasion by making your briefs typographically superior. It won’t make your arguments better, but it will ensure that judges grasp and retain your points. Here are best practices and recommendations to help you get ahead.
By Joseph S. Diedrich & Melissa Eleanor Love Koenig
The preservation of electronically stored information can be expensive, time-consuming, and amenable to spoliation claims and accusations of unethical conduct. Here is a refresher of lawyer's obligations under Wisconsin's proportionality standard, and tips for efficient preservation practices that are proportional to the needs of a given case.
By Timothy D. Edwards

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  • Kathy Brost has previewed the new virtual format and offerings for this year's Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference, and she's impressed!
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  • Helping Others: Support for Worthy Organizations
  • Members and colleagues are giving their time, talent, and treasure to help those in greater need despite the challenges they themselves face. If you are able to help others, Larry Martin says, please do so.
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  • Aileen Henry: Fighting for the Underdog
  • Kenosha lawyer and U.S. Army veteran Aileen Henry runs a small criminal defense law firm. Born in Jamaica, she learned the value of hard work and giving back to the community from her grandparents.

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