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Who are Wisconsin's innovators? The "That's a Fine Idea: Legal Innovation Wisconsin" initiative spotlights these risk takers who advance the legal profession with perseverance, creative thinking, and big ideas.
By Ed Finkel
During an outbreak of a contagious disease such as measles, public health officials primarily can respond in two ways: with vaccination and treatment and with isolation or quarantine. Individuals' constitutional rights may not be top of mind. Here is how courts may analyze the public health mechanisms available to Wisconsin officials.
By Grant C. Killoran & Christa D. Wittenberg
Wisconsin's law enforcement and justice systems have struggled to establish parameters for warrantless blood draws that promote effectiveness, consider limited resources, and protect individuals' constitutional rights. Read the status of warrantless blood draws after recent supreme court opinions.
By Rex R. Anderegg
Workers' classification as employees or independent contractors affects how they are taxed and the rights they have under federal and state law. Classification and joint employment have evolved as the gig economy has expanded. But, determining who is an "employee" or an "employer" often is hard.
By Caitlin Marie Madden & Katelynn Mary Williams

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