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Wisconsin incarcerates non-white persons at far higher rates than whites and at rates of disparity far above the national average. This article looks at how Wisconsin moved to this point and what our current circumstances are.
By Prof. Mary M. Prosser & Shannon Toole
The Wisconsin Supreme Court's split decision in Manitowoc Co. v. Lanning makes it more difficult for employers to enforce restrictive covenants in employment contracts that limit the signer's postemployment hiring away of former coworkers.
By Maria L. Kreiter, Erin M. Cook & Rebeca M. Lopez
The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently amended Wisconsin's class action statute to align it with its federal counterpart. This article highlights the revised statute's key requirements and concepts.
By Michael David Leffel, Elizabeth A.N. Haas & Aaron R. Wegrzyn

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Your State Bar
  • Building Community
  • Executive Director Larry Martin says the AMC offers attendees an opportunity to build closer ties with lawyer colleagues.
  • Ethics
  • Of-counsel Lawyers Retain All Ethical Obligations
  • Dean Dietrich explains the main distinction between of-counsel lawyers and partners or shareholders is internal: the latter typically have billable-hour and revenue-goal expectations that the former do not.
  • Reflections
  • Ben Time
  • Bill Thedinga says it’s never too early to follow this lesson from a retired lawyer and his grandson: stop, look both ways, then skip through the parking lot.
  • Marketing
  • 'Okay Google': How to Harness Voice Search
  • Larry Bodine says savvy lawyers can capitalize on consumers' fondness for voice searches, by tailoring their firms' online content to the special characteristics of spoken requests for information.
  • Final Thought
  • My Favorite Time of the Year
  • Roy Evans says sharing your life experiences with children can give them the hope and inspiration they need to survive challenging circumstances.

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