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Who are Wisconsin's innovators? The "That's a Fine Idea: Legal Innovation Wisconsin" initiative spotlights these movers and shakers who infuse the legal profession with a dose of creative thinking.
By Ed Finkel
What have past innovators been up to since being recognized as movers and shakers? We asked some of them to tell us what they’re trying to fix or to make better now.
During the 2017-18 term, the Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled its own precedent three times. That's more than in any other recent term, and it raises questions: Is the uptick an anomaly or part of a trend? And what does it say about stare decisis in Wisconsin? Clues to the answers may lie in the recent past.
By Joseph S. Diedrich
Changes to the Medicaid Secondary Payer Act are driving the need for parties of injury claims to adopt practices mindful of Medicaid recovery rights and processes. Lawyers must implement best practices to meet competing needs of aggressive collection efforts and client interests.
By Aaron Frederickson

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Your State Bar
  • Lift Every Voice
  • As our membership changes, Executive Director Larry Martin says, so has the face of State Bar leadership and volunteers.
  • Ethics
  • Trust, But Verify
  • The duty to be truthful to the court, Dean Dietrich says, requires lawyers to check information when they doubt a client's word.
  • Technology
  • Lawyers Need a Digital Detox
  • Sharon Nelson and John Simek advise you turn off your phone for a while. If you do, you may lower your stress level.
  • Reflections
  • The Future Is Female. Or Is It?
  • Deanne Koll asks, what are you doing to enhance the prospects for women to reach the highest levels of practice and remain in the profession?
  • Solutions
  • How to Answer the Anti-innovators
  • If you meet resistance to your proposed innovation initiative, Jordan Furlong says take a deep breath and don't make it personal. Be calm, measured, reasonable, and brief.
  • Final Thought
  • Living in Sobriety
  • Michael Anspach knows that if he ever again decides to buy his favorite vodka, the price he would pay is far greater than the price of the bottle.

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