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A personal injury hypothetical highlights the civil law issues that criminal defense lawyers should consider and how those issues can affect the criminal case. It also addresses the considerations for civil lawyers when confronting a matter with an ongoing, parallel criminal case that arises from the facts of the civil dispute.
By Erika L. Bierma & Jason Knutson
Domestic abuse and violence survivors may seek representation in many types of cases in which the abusive power and control dynamic has a direct effect. These clients might have special needs during legal representation, whether or not the case involves the alleged abuser.
By Amanda R. Rabe & Megan Lorna Sprecher
A State Bar committee is working with the legislature to revise chapter 183 to define the duties of LLC members and managers. In the interim, lawyers should advise clients intending to form an LLC that the best practice is to use an operating agreement to clearly define member's duties.
By Joseph W. Boucher & Andrew J. Kramer
Increased enforcement regarding set-aside arrangements is a given, so if you represent plaintiffs with personal injury claims, evaluate each case for Medicare Secondary Payer considerations. Failure to do so could leave clients with large financial obligations to the government and you with potential malpractice exposure.
By Aaron Frederickson

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