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The ubiquity of computers, tablets, and smartphones in workplaces can make it easy for individuals changing employment to take an employer’s electronic assets with them. The federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act provides criminal and civil remedies for these security breaches.
By Barbara A. Neider & Joseph Diedrich
Businesses that use automated telephone dialing must examine their dialing systems and customer-intake processes to ensure they comport with federal regulations and to shield themselves from potentially major liability.
By Christopher J. Smith
Mandatory e-filing in Wisconsin circuit courts begins July 1 in some counties and in all counties by the end of 2017. This article discusses when mandatory e-filing will affect lawyers in the various legal practice areas, how much it will cost, and what lawyers must do now to prepare for e-filing.
By Jean Bousquet & Marcia L. Vandercook

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  • President's Message
  • Shine Brightly
  • Ralph Cagle encourages the State Bar and its members to continue as beacons for each other and the legal profession.
  • Your State Bar
  • Now Is When They Need You
  • George Brown urges lawyers to contribute to the legislative process, by educating legislators about the effects of statutes and by working with candidates running for office.
  • 10 Questions
  • Carlos Pastrana: From Puerto Rico to the Midwest
  • After adapting to differences in how law is practiced in Puerto Rico compared to Wisconsin, bilingual litigator and diversity champion Carlos Pastrana is adjusting to professional life in the Midwest.
  • Managing Risk
  • Scams and Hackers: They’re Not Going Away!
  • Cyber criminals are here to stay, says Tom Watson, so lawyers and law firms must learn how to protect their firms and electronic assets from scammers and hackers.
  • Ethics
  • Accounting for Interrupted Work
  • Dean Dietrich says lawyers should develop billing practices that recognize the interruptions that occur in daily practice.
  • Final Thought
  • Please Don’t Hug Me
  • As a woman lawyer, Deanne Koll lists a few stereotypes that make her skin crawl.

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