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Whether your goal is to keep a conditional use permit standing or knock it down, learn more about the legal underpinnings of these permits and how to maximize clients’ chances to successfully obtain or defeat the granting of such permits. The author provides legal and political strategies to achieve the desired outcome.
By Mary Elizabeth Peranteau
No matter the number of beneficiaries or the size of the estate, family feuds about inheritances can result in permanent estrangement. Mediation is a cost-effective, efficient mechanism to resolve such disputes and mend and even strengthen formerly broken ties.
By Eido M. Walny & Kelly O'Connor Dancy
Defending a corporation and its board in shareholder litigation can be the equivalent of playing one football game on two (or more) different fields. Exclusive-venue provisions help corporations reduce the costs of lawsuits by restricting the number of forums. While such provisions have largely been a Delaware phenomenon, they also may benefit companies incorporated in Wisconsin.
By Bryan B. House & Andrew James Wronski

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Fewer cases are going to trial and that means young lawyers are no longer getting the experience they need for future litigation. Young lawyers should proactively seek mentoring opportunities and do some self-learning to help build that experience, says Jesse Blocher.
A lawyer's first trial can be a nerve-racking experience. Once you get the opportunity to represent a client at trial, what should you do to prepare? Start with finding a good mentor who does trial work, then really get to know your evidence, says Andrew Wier.

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  • John Skilton has no problem reconciling the “old” and “new” Atticus Finches. People evolve. But both believed “the law” is our tool.

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