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As a successful international business and finance lawyer and a dedicated human rights advocate, Walter White Jr. did not grow up respecting the rule of law. Rather, he grew up respecting the lawyers who changed the law to make it more just. His experiences growing up amid myriad injustices informed his advocacy for human rights and encouraging diversity within the legal profession.
By Dianne Molvig
The business judgment rule – that directors are not liable for an honest mistake of business judgment – is both a rule of substantive law and often the source of procedural burdens that shareholders challenging a board of directors’ decision must overcome. The Wisconsin Supreme Court recently reinforced the doctrine, making clear that shareholder-plaintiffs must be ready from the moment they file to present plausible evidence of their right to relief.
By Kenneth B. Davis
Employers must pay an overtime rate to employees for hours worked in excess of 40 per week. However, some employees are exempt because of their work duties and salary amount. This poses a problem for many low-paid managers in the retail and food-service industries who are classified as exempt but whose yearly income is close to the poverty level.
By Breanne Leigh Snapp

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