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In this bizarre online world, even people who have no desire to enter the digital frontier are being forced there, with little understanding of the digital property they own and even less understanding of what may happen to those assets if they die or become incapacitated. Planning is crucial. You can even schedule Facebook, LinkedIn, and tweets to post after you die. Think about it.
Attorneys can benefit terminally ill and elderly clients by recognizing and assisting with crucial and time-sensitive estate planning issues while the clients are still alive. The authors provide tips to help estate planning attorneys respond quickly and efficiently to elderly and terminally ill clients.
Many provisions of the Affordable Care Act will become effective on Jan. 1, 2014, including relatively little-known retaliation or whistleblower provisions. Attorneys and their business clients must know the broad definition of “protected activity” and how they can prevent retaliation claims from employees.

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  • The Murky Case of the Disappearing TPR Parent
  • Courts may sanction parents who fail to appear in termination-of-parental-rights proceedings by ordering that judgment be imposed against them. But Christopher Foley cautions careful use of this default mechanism.

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