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Starting a law practice requires a lot of planning, decision making, and hard work. Here are some common mistakes attorneys face and tips on how to avoid them and build a successful law practice.
When clients seek help resolving disputes, put another option on the table. Facilitative mediation can leave them more satisfied than litigation, and at a lower cost.
Employers that use noncompetition agreements should avoid relying on a recent appellate decision that gave the employer-litigant wide berth to restrict an employee’s postemployment activities. The opinion’s nonprecedential status and its conflict with published Wisconsin cases make it a shaky and likely short-lived leg on which to stand.

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Successful debt collection requires knowledge of the relevant rules and regulations. It also requires gathering and assessing all relevant information about the debt, a process that presents opportunities for collecting the amount owed without having to resort to litigation. In this video, Kurt Carlson and Jim McNeilly explain the legal process for collecting a debt.
Form: Annotated sample restrictive covenant provisions, from 3 Wisconsin Employment Law ch. 15 (State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE 5th ed. 2013) (forthcoming)

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