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    • Prosecuting False Political Speech
    • Three misdemeanor statutes may be used against people who make intentionally false statements in political campaigns. The statutes prohibit false representations affecting elections, criminal defamation, and giving false information for publication. Learn how the Wisconsin statutes have been used – and misused – over the past two decades.
    • Retaliation: New Developments in State and Federal Employment Law
    • Recent state and federal decisions will make it easier for employees to prove retaliation cases while making it harder for employers to define, and therefore avoid, retaliatory conduct. Attorneys must understand the changes to effectively advise their clients.
    • The ADAAA: Key Changes to Disability Law
    • In the ADAAA, Congress amended federal disability-discrimination law to restore a breadth of coverage under the ADA. Federal courts have since made initial findings of disability in a broad spectrum of discrimination cases in which they once would have refused to do so. Here is a look at the key changes.
    • "Equal Voice" Confirmed: Worker's Comp Carriers Can Compel Settlement
    • Worker's compensation carriers can seek to compel settlement of a plaintiff's bodily injury lawsuit over the injured-plaintiff's objections. In its decisions, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals emphasized the circuit court's authority to resolve settlement-related disagreements between insurers and injured parties.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • Plan for the Future
  • The State Bar is using a recent report on challenges facing the legal profession (focusing on the economy, technology, and young lawyers) to prepare you today for the practice of tomorrow.
  • President's Message
  • The Importance of Clean Underwear
  • A recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion sets a low threshold for strip-searches under the U.S. Constitution and reinforces what all mothers teach.
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