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There’s a little bit of relief for just about every taxpayer in the 2010 Tax Relief Act, including small and family businesses, working individuals, and wealthy people with substantial estates. The law contains several unique, limited-term planning opportunities but is fraught with peril for those who neglect the details.
In seeking evidence when representing clients, attorneys must search where the evidence lies – and today, that often means searching online sources. The authors present practical recommendations and recent legal developments to help lawyers and clients understand how the use of social networking sites can affect a case.
Lawyers should take special care to advise clients in a timely and meaningful way, faithfully follow client instructions, and document their actions when negotiating settlements, particularly when a demand and offer fall within the client’s stated acceptable range – that is, the client’s red zone.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • The "I" in LRIS
  • Attorneys volunteering for the Lawyer Referral and Information Service's (LRIS) Lawyer Hotline Program provide basic information to callers and build camaraderie with their colleagues.
  • President's Message
  • Finding a Purpose in Tragedy
  • The fact that we must relearn how to treat one another with civility and improve our public discourse is a sad commentary on our society following the senseless shootings in Arizona.
  • Ethics Opinion
  • EI-10-01: Webinar Does Not, by Itself, Create Lawyer-Client Relationship
  • The State Bar Professional Ethics Committee issued Informal Opinion EI-10-01, discussing whether a law firm’s informational Web seminar (webinar) creates a lawyer-client relationship. In Memorandum Opinion M-10-02, the committee reviews the prohibition of a lawyer acting at trial in matters in which the lawyer is likely to be a witness.
  • Ethics
  • Restrictions on Withdrawals
  • Keeping client information confidential is the cornerstone of the attorney-client relationship, but there are a few very limited circumstances in which a lawyer may disclose such information, even without the client's permission. This article looks at those very limited exceptions.
  • Practice Tips
  • 8 Ways to Take the 'War' Out of Law Practice
  • Most attorneys are civil even as adversaries on opposing sides of a matter. For those few who might need a refresher, here are eight tongue-in-cheek tips to take the "war" out of legal practice. Frankly, we can apply these tips to our everyday lives to improve civil discourse, too.

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