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Three young Wisconsin attorneys work as teachers and mentors to help strengthen the rule of law in Afghanistan.
Wisconsin’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act prohibits untrue, deceptive, or misleading representations in the sale of goods and services to the public. Although the law was enacted almost a century ago to target false print advertising, it effectively affords remedies for wrongful trade practices in the modern age. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has recently decided several important issues arising out of the Act’s application in the ever-changing business and consumer world.
For many years, Daniel W. Hildebrand contributed to Wisconsin legal literature by annually describing those Wisconsin appellate decisions that he viewed to be most significant. Attorney Hildebrand passed away in late 2007; these authors, both former supreme court clerks, are attempting to pick up the Hildebrand torch.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Inside the Bar
  • They Already Know
  • If you need help handling life stresses, don’t try hiding your problems from your friends or colleagues. They probably already know. Instead, call the trained volunteers at WisLAP. They’re ready 24/7 now to help judges as well as lawyers, law students, and their families.
  • President's Message
  • Topless Meetings?
  • Unlike some organizations that are going “topless” to prohibit laptops and BlackBerrys in meetings, the State Bar Executive Committee is experimenting with receiving and reviewing all meeting materials electronically and so is inviting participants to bring their laptops to meetings.
  • To Learn More
  • Several Web sites can help you calculate your repayment under the CCRAA
  • Editorial
  • Public Defenders Deserve Fair Pay
  • State public defender Nick Chiarkas and State Bar president Diane Diel make their case for increasing the rate paid to private bar attorneys who accept public defender appointments from $40 per hour to $70 per hour.
  • Ethics
  • New Rules Affect In-House Counsel
  • Under recently adopted amendments to SCR 10.03(4), effective Jan. 1, 2009, non-Wisconsin licensed lawyers who are employed by a single entity to provide legal services to their employers must register with the Board of Bar Examiners and meet other requirements.
  • Meet in Person to See If the Client is a Good Fit With You
  • At the beginning of a career, it is harder to decide whether to take on a client or subsequently to disengage from one, because of a lack of experience and the need to develop a client base. More than 35 years of practice has given me a fairly well-developed red flag detector.
  • What Keeps You Awake at Night?
  • How can I avoid problem clients or ethically disengage from representing one?
  • I’ve heard horror stories about clients who don’t pay bills, return phone calls, provide information, or timely follow through on actions needed to advance their legal matter. Still other stories recount clients making pests of themselves by too frequent phone calls, or worse, trying to intimidate lawyers or their employees, or disrespecting the court. I’m a new lawyer and just opening a solo office. How can I ethically disengage from representing a problem client, and better yet, how do I identify and
  • Wisconsin celebrated juror appreciation month in September
  • In September, Gov. Jim Doyle issued a proclamation, and the Senate and Assembly approved citations, declaring September Juror Appreciation Month. The statewide celebration kicked off with a press conference at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson, State Bar President Diane S. Diel, and then-Milwaukee County Circuit Court Chief Judge Kitty K. Brennan, and other local officials hosted the event. Press conferences also were held in Waukesha County and
  • Marquette bolsters law schools in seven African countries
  • Donated law books from Wisconsin bound for Africa
  • Marquette University law students and faculty recently donated 1,793 pounds of books to law schools in Africa through a book drive organized by the student organization Association for Women in Law (AWL) at Marquette University Law School.

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