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The Marital Property Act extends beyond the split of assets and liabilities at divorce. Failure to know the Act's remedies and protections may expose a divorce client to liability or prevent collection of a debt that otherwise would be paid.
The rise in family responsibility and caregiver discrimination claims attests to the struggle to balance family and work life amid the changing demographics of the American workplace. Because these claims likely will increase, lawyers need to recognize potential claims and advise their business clients appropriately.
The State Bar brings attorneys together to debate differing perspectives on key issues, to discuss problems they have in common, and to devise solutions to those problems. Not only does the Bar connect members with each other, but it also links the legal profession as a whole with two key entities the profession serves: the public and the justice system.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Inside the Bar
  • Planning to Lead
  • Leaders of State Bar committees, sections, and divisions gather to begin the critical, annual strategic planning process that will guide the Bar's work over the coming years.
  • President's Message
  • What Makes this Association Great?
  • Volunteer involvement in the State Bar makes this a great association and earns the Bar role-model status among associations nationwide. Long-term volunteers provide continuity and experience, while newer volunteers bring a fresh perspective and additional energy. All volunteers are needed and valued.
  • Guest Editorial
  • In re Gault: Do Its Promises Still Protect Juveniles?
  • Recent research into human brain development and statistics that show minority juveniles have more frequent contacts with and severe consequences in the juvenile justice system raise questions about the system's fundamental fairness.
  • Practice Tips
  • A Webliography on Animal Law
  • Lawyers are encountering new and diverse legal challenges in the area of animal law, and it is now a hot topic among legal scholars. This webliography highlights some of the best Web sites to find information on rights and legal concerns surrounding animals.
  • What Keeps you Awake at Night?
  • Should I Represent Multiple Family Members in a Common Transaction?
  • I worry about handling transactions between a client’s family members. On the one hand, each should have his or her own attorney, but on the other hand, in most such transactions separate representation will simply cost the family more. This is especially troubling when I have represented members of a family for many years. How can I serve the family as a unit, and still protect myself and remain ethical?

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