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Lawyer Regulation System organizational chart, survey of grievances received during Fiscal 2004, attorneys disciplined compared to total membership, and types of misconduct found in public discipline decisions.
In the wake of the Stoughton area tornado and hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Wisconsin Lawyer asked State Bar members about their experiences with some of the myriad issues surrounding disasters.
In three cases decided in July 2005, the Wisconsin Supreme Court revisited the economic loss doctrine, carving out exceptions to its application on three discrete issues. The authors say that, even with these three new cases, there remains no more clarity for consumers and their lawyers than before, which leaves the door open to still more litigation.
The Office of Lawyer Regulation reports the deposition of grievances against lawyers from July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2005.
The goal of the recently formed Wisconsin Criminal Justice Study Commission is to identify and help correct problems in the Wisconsin criminal justice system. The commission, comprising prosecutors, police, defense attorneys, judges, victim's advocates, and community leaders, will study criminal justice reforms aimed at protecting the innocent and convicting the guilty.

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  • Presidents Message
  • Issues such as the unauthorized practice of law, multidisciplinary practice, and multijurisdictional practice will loom larger for Wisconsin lawyers as the world flattens and nonlawyer practice increases.
  • Managing Risk
  • Suing for unpaid fees can backfire into a malpractice counterclaim, affect your liability insurance, cost you time and peace of mind, and just plain generate bad will. Avoid fee disputes in the first place by using good billing and practice methods. Here's how.
  • Career
  • How Effective Are Your Delegation Skills?
  • Lawyers new to management and leadership roles often do not know the importance of delegating work or how to do it. Read about how the skill set you need to delegate effectively.

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