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    • The Stigma Enigma: Damages Based on Public Perception of Taint
    • Diminished value caused by a negative perception of a site calls for compensation for the stigma to satisfy the fundamental concept that an injured party must be made whole. A perception of harm may be all that is needed to support an award of stigma damages. But problems arise because the public perception underlying the stigma may be unsubstantiated, unreasonable, and formed in reaction to publicity. Read how courts in Wisconsin and other jurisdictions are handling this "stigma enigma."

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  • President's Message
  • Various entities affect the practice of law and seek or require funds from lawyers, and all affect the rules and policies that govern lawyers.
  • State Bar Updates The Law of Damages in Wisconsin
  • The Law of Damages in Wisconsin is a comprehensive research tool that helps you analyze and evaluate your cases and is a practice guide that helps you plead damages and meet evidentiary burdens. Developed, written, and reviewed by Wisconsin experts, this reference has received praise since its original publication in 1988 as one of the most valuable litigation resources in the state.
  • Plan to Attend 16th Annual Environmental Law Update
  • Representatives from the Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources and Justice and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and experienced environmental law practitioners will share their perspectives in a comprehensive treatment of the latest issues in environmental law during the 16th Annual Environmental Law Update.
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