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You're a lawyer, so you work long, hard, hours ... it's expected you'll put everything aside for the sake of your firm, your clients, your profession. But to stay sharp, you need more. Flexible work options can help lawyers balance a challenging career with a satisfying personal life.
Busy lawyers are people first - with challenging law careers, yes, but also with families and interests outside the law. Programs at this year's State Bar Annual Convention stress the importance to lawyers of balancing their work with the other parts of their lives.
Lloyd Barbee, a lawyer, legislator, and an effective voice for the NAACP, led the modern civil rights movement in Wisconsin for many years. In this year marking the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, it is fitting to recognize Wisconsin's most influential figure in implementing that decision.
Some patent owners have found that enforcing patents against retailers and end users ... rather than against competing manufacturers ... can yield very lucrative results. As a result, many more entities and their lawyers need to be concerned with patent issues.
Please note the following corrections to the 2004 Wisconsin Lawyer Directory. To enter the changes in your directory, skim the list provided and note the changes for each individual.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Inside the Bar
  • The Bar's efforts to bridge foreign language barriers helps make the courts and our justice system more accessible to our non-English speaking residents.
  • President's Perspective
  • The State Bar of Wisconsin has many reasons to be proud, not the least of which are the accomplishments of its more than 6,500 nonresident members.
  • Technology
  • Rather than bemoan the scanner for what it can't do, learn to use your scanner in a way that is compatible with its capabilities - that is, to create and manage digitally imaged documents.
  • Managing Risk
  • Why is personal injury practice the source of one-fourth of legal malpractice claims? An experienced PI lawyer-turned claims counsel offers his insight.

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