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Whenever drafting licensing and dealer arrangements, cautious practitioners should consider whether the Wisconsin Franchise Investment and Fair Dealership laws apply. Both laws offer a potential trap for the unwary - the creation of an accidental franchise, with resulting severe penalties and restrictions.
LLCs are becoming more popular as an alternative to the irrevocable life insurance trust as a way to remove life insurance from a taxable estate. Learn how LLCs can benefit your clients.
The introduction of an intermediate appellate court in 1978 dramatically restructured Wisconsin's court system. Read how in this article that commemorates the Wisconsin Court of Appeals' 25th anniversary in 2003.
Winslow pleaded with judges and the public for constructive conservatism, arguing that laws should be reformed through the legislative process and not through court decisions. To do otherwise would stretch the unchanged constitution on a Procrustean bed to fit the desired reform.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court allows the Board of Attorneys Professional Responsibility (BAPR) to publish for educational purposes in an official State Bar publication a summary of facts and professional conduct rule violations in matters in which BAPR has imposed private reprimands. The summaries do not disclose information identifying the reprimanded atttorneys.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • To help celebrate the State Bar's 125th anniversary in 2003, this column will periodically explore some of the 265 founding members - beginning with I.C. Sloan, A. Scott Sloan, and John C. Spooner.
  • President's Message
  • In March, Wisconsin lost two of its finest Bar leaders: past presidents Leonard Loeb and David Saichek.
  • Ethics
  • Email Contact May Impose Restrictions
  • Be cautious of information received via email contact by a prospective client. While the unsolicited email itself may not create an attorney- client relationship (with exceptions) the lawyer may be obligated to maintain the confidentiality of information in the email.
  • Wisconsin Lawyer Directory Corrections
  • Please note the following corrections to the 2003 Wisconsin Lawyer Directory. To enter the changes in your directory, skim the list provided and note the changes for each individual. These entries correct the data-entry errors received by March 5, 2003.

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