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    Wisconsin Lawyer
    January 09, 2019

    Your State Bar
    More Than a Tag Line

    Under Christopher Shattuck's enthusiastic lead, Practice411 is ready to help every State Bar member, especially those who practice solo or in small firms.

    Larry J. Martin

    You are educated to think like a lawyer. But where do you turn when you need help setting up or running your business?

    Larry J. MartinLarry J. Martin is the executive director for the State Bar of Wisconsin.

    Wait a minute, you went to law school, not business school. Think about it, nearly 70 percent of our members practice as solo practitioners or in small firm settings. If you are the typical lawyer in Wisconsin, you are in fact a small-business owner. Our challenge as a state bar association, then, is to make sure that we help you with the skills, tools, and support you need to be successful in establishing and maintaining the business of your practice.

    That’s when you turn to the State Bar’s Practice411 program, which is specifically designed to assist you in every aspect of your practice. 

    Practice411 offers individualized assistance on a wide range of business aspects of law practice, including the use of technology, business, financial and succession planning, personnel, facilities, and operations management. And here is the best part. You can access these services as part of your membership.

    My colleague Christopher Shattuck leads our program. If you’ve not yet met Chris, you will. He seems to be everywhere! He’s continuously crisscrossing the state giving educational programs, answering questions, speaking at local bar meetings and legal conferences, popping in at firms, and meeting with members one on one. Chris, who has both a J.D. and an M.B.A., has practiced in small firms and business settings. He gets great satisfaction from helping members tackle a problem and identify the solution. Give him a call or drop him an email for a confidential consultation. Once you connect with the program, you will be hooked.

    Christopher C. Shattuck

    Christopher C. Shattuck is manager of Practice411, the State Bar of Wisconsin’s law practice assistance program. If you have questions about the business aspects of your practice, call Chris at (800) 957-4670 or email

    Practice411 is specifically designed to help you achieve greater efficiency, improve client relations, reduce risks to your practice, and improve your quality of life. It’s just one way in which the State Bar is here to help you throughout your professional career, whether you are getting started, transitioning between opportunities, or winding down as you approach retirement. Regardless of the size of your practice setting, this program is designed for you.

    Practice411 is also the name of the State Bar’s practice management email list. It’s a great forum for sharing information, asking questions, and connecting with a panel of experts and peers. Joining is easy and also part of your membership. To sign up, visit

    Here’s the bottom line. The State Bar’s ultimate goal is to help you not only survive but also thrive in your practice. As we say, your practice, our purpose.

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