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    Wisconsin Lawyer
    July 01, 2003

    Legal News and Trends

    Wisconsin Lawyer
    Vol. 76, No. 7, July 2003

    Legal   News & Trends

    106th woman admitted to Wisconsin Bar made her mark; book and video available on first 150 women admitted to Wisconsin Bar

    Verne-Marie Freeman Slade

    Verne-Marie Freeman Slade, the 106th woman admitted to the Wisconsin Bar and one of the women featured in Pioneers in the Law: The First 150 Women, passed away this spring.

    Verne-Marie Freeman Slade, the 106th woman admitted to the State Bar of Wisconsin, recently passed away at her home in Placerville, Calif. She was 92. After graduating from U.W. Law School in 1935 at the age of 25, she practiced for more than 56 years providing estate, financial planning, and taxation services.

    Admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1940 and the California Bar in 1942, Slade applied for a position in a prestigious San Francisco firm and was met with a "firm policy" on not hiring women. Undeterred, she joined theSan Francisco firm of Rogers and Clark, where she remained for eight years before venturing out to form her own solo practice in both California and Connecticut.

    Slade's transition into the practice of law in Connecticut did not come easily. She applied for admission to the Connecticut Bar without taking an examination on the basis that she had been a practicing attorney in other states. This request ignited a fire that smoldered for 19 months. It burned all the way from the Middlesex County Superior Court to the Connecticut Supreme Court. In the end, Slade was the victor and was granted admission to the Connecticut Bar in 1975.

    In 1998 the State Bar published a book and a 23-minute video, Pioneers in the Law: The First 150 Women, to honor the first 150 women admitted to practice in Wisconsin. "The stories of these women are great history lessons for us all and help us understand the development of Wisconsin's justice system," says Past President Pat Ballman. "Their stories are moving and exhilarating, and some, like Verne Freeman Slade's, are stories of personal triumph."

    The book and video present biographies and celebrate the achievement of the women who paved the path for today's women lawyers.

    To download the book visit The print version is $5 and the video is $7, plus tax, shipping, and handling. To order contact the State Bar at (800) 728-7788.

    Equal Justice Fund seeks nominations for Eisenberg Award

    Equal Justice Fund (WEJF)Howard B. Eisenberg, the late dean of Marquette University Law School, was a beacon of hope to countless individuals whose lives were touched by his acts in and out of the courtroom. In his honor, Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund (WEJF) will recognize one individual for lifetime achievement in the delivery and development of pro bono legal services. The award will be presented on Nov. 22 at a dinner at the Hilton Milwaukee Center.

    Nominees must have a demonstrable dedication to the development and delivery of pro bono legal services. Nominees must show a record of outstanding effort and accomplishments in one or more of the following areas: direct provision of pro bono legal services to underserved segments of the population; development of innovative methods for the delivery of pro bono legal services; participation in and support of legislative or litigation-based initiatives to increase access to pro bono legal services; and improvement of awareness of the legal service needs of underserved populations.

    Nominations are due Aug. 1. To download a nomination form, visit or call Nina M. Jones, WEJF executive director, at (262) 522-6836.

    In 1996, the State Bar helped fund the start-up of the Equal Justice Coalition, now the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund. WEJF's mission is to build the base of financial resources in support of Wisconsin's pro bono legal service providers.

    Celebrate Wisconsin's history at www.wisbar

    For more information on Wisconsin's legal history, visit A new feature on WisBar, Celebrating Wisconsin's Rich Legal History, is a permanent archive of important events and biographies in Wisconsin's legal history. It describes events and activities commemorating the important role the legal profession, the organized Bar, and Wisconsin courts have played in the state's development over the past 150 years. Peruse a collection of legal history-related materials written over time, plus new materials prepared in celebration of the State Bar's 125th and the Wisconsin Supreme Court's 150th anniversaries in 2003.

    Records Management introduces and revises criminal, juvenile, and civil court forms

    The Wisconsin Records Management Committee, an advisory committee to the Director of State Courts Office, which develops and distributes mandated court forms, updated and introduced the following forms. Key: New (N)/Revised (R)

    Criminal Forms - release date April 28
    CR-245 (N) Request and Order to Correct Clerical Error in Judgment of Conviction
    CR-253 (N) Order for Reconfinement after Revocation of Extended Supervision
    CR-261 (R) Verification of Time Served, § 973.195

    Juvenile Forms - release date June 3
    JC-1611 (R) Dispositional Order - Protection or Services (chapter 48)
    JC-1691 (R) Notice of Hearing - Temporary Restraining Order (child abuse)
    JC-1692 (R) Injunction (child abuse)
    JD-1712 (R) Waiver of Participation in Nonsecure Physical Custody Hearing
    JD-1718 (R) Statement of Income, Assets, Debts, and Living Expenses
    JD-1722 (R) Petition for Waiver of Jurisdiction
    JD-1745 (R) Dispositional Order - Delinquent
    JD-1746 (R) Dispositional Order - Protection or Services (chapter 938)
    JD-1766 (R) Request to Change Placement, Revise/Extend Dispositional Order
    JD-1784 (R) Consent Decree (in-home Placement only)
    JD-1785 (R) Consent Decree (out-of-home placement only)
    JD-1788 (R) Order for Extension of Dispositional Order (out-of-home placement only)
    JD-1789 (R) Order for Change of Placement (in-home to out-of-home placement only)

    Civil Forms - release date June 2
    CV-404 (R) Injunction (domestic abuse)
    CV-407 (R) Injunction (harassment)
    CV-413 (R) Notice of Hearing - Temporary Restraining Order (child abuse)
    CV-414 (R) Injunction (child abuse)
    CV-427 (R) Poverty Guidelines for Earnings
    CV-429 (R) Notice of Hearing - Temporary Restraining Order (vulnerable adult)
    CV-431 (R) Order Extending Injunction - Domestic Abuse/Child Abuse
    CV-432 (R) Notice of Firearms Possession Penalties
    CV-433 (R) Petition to Return Firearm(s)
    CV-438 (R) Prisoner's Petition for Waiver of Prepayment of Fees/Costs - Affidavit of Indigency

    Forms and form summaries are available online in PDF or MS Word format at For more information, contact Judy Mahlkuch at or call (608) 266-7143.

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