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    Inside the Bar: Your Practice. Our Purpose

    The State Bar exists to serve its members. In recommitting to helping you succeed in your practice, we want to show you that we “get it.”

    George C. Brown

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    Wisconsin LawyerWisconsin Lawyer
    Vol. 83, No. 6, June 2010

    George BrownRecently, the executive director of a voluntary state bar association called a large-city bar executive director for a possible contact to learn how to become more entrepreneurial in providing services to its members. He was told, “You have to call the State Bar of Wisconsin.”

    The State Bar of Wisconsin has a well-deserved reputation for providing service to members and to the public. We are a “go to” organization because, among other things, included with your annual dues are innovative business programs to help you succeed in your practice, professional services to help you navigate life’s bumps, and numerous pro bono and civics education opportunities to help you serve the public. Just as important as the substance of the programs and services is what they represent – the State Bar’s commitment to you.

    One challenge in keeping members updated about State Bar benefits is standing out amid all the communications you receive. (Certainly, we inform you about the different services and opportunities. And yet in talking with lawyers around the state, I’m often surprised to learn how many members still might not have heard of a relatively new benefit, such as Fastcase™, or even one that has been available years longer.)

    Professionals who understand this challenge say an organization needs a strong brand, supported by a logo and tagline – a graphic identity that represents to the target audience the organization’s commitment. Yes, I said brand, as in branding … an overused and misunderstood term. Branding is not just a logo and tagline; those things are just a reminder of the organization’s promise to meet or exceed its customers’ expectations.

    State Bar of 

    To show our rejuvenated commitment to you, the State Bar of Wisconsin is now using a new logo and tagline. This change follows extensive research, in which nearly 1,200 members provided input that led to the selection of this graphic identity – a contemporary rendering of a Doric pillar that represents the strength of the profession, the pillars of justice, and even the architecture of the State Bar Center. The new graphic identity, which will be phased in over time, carries a simple message that reinforces the State Bar’s commitment to bringing premier products and services that help you excel in your practice and fulfill your public service obligations, delivered with the standard of service you expect from this organization.

    Our new graphic identity does not represent a polar shift from the goals and mission that the State Bar has long embraced. Although variations on the scales logo, first introduced in the 1970s, have served this organization well for decades, the new logo and accompanying tagline better reflect our renewed focus on and service to our members.

    State Bar members and staff have worked hard to earn its national reputation for innovation and service, and now we’ve set the bar even higher going forward. That is, to deliver on the promise: Your Practice. Our Purpose.™