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    "For the Good" Spotlight: Pro bono in action

    "For the Good" Spotlight: Pro bono in action

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    Wisconsin LawyerWisconsin Lawyer
    Vol. 81, No. 11, November 2008

    "For the Good" Spotlight: Pro bono in action

    This column recognizes the efforts of Wisconsin lawyers who donate their time and professional skills to individuals with legal needs who are unable to pay for a lawyer and to projects serving those individuals.

    Do you know of a lawyer or a local project that illustrates “Wisconsin Lawyers Making a Difference” through the gift of time and talent? Send your suggestions to: wislawyer@wisbar.org; subject line: pro bono spotlight.

    Don’t know where to volunteer your talents? Whether you are a veteran volunteer or just starting out, WisBar offers descriptions of pro bono programs, benefits for volunteers such as professional liability insurance and free legal research, and resources to help you in your pro bono efforts. Visit Pro Bono or contact State Bar Pro Bono Coordinator Jeff Brown at org jbrown wisbar wisbar jbrown org.