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    Your Legal Lifeline: Attorney’s Desk Reference Answers the Unexpected Legal Question

    Facing an unexpected legal question outside your practice area? With Wisconsin Attorney’s Desk Reference, you’ll find quick, concise legal information in more than 35 practice areas.
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    Oct. 18, 2017 – Out of nowhere, the moment strikes at a dinner with friends: “So, you’re a lawyer, I wonder if you can answer this ….”

    There isn’t a lawyer practicing in this state who hasn’t been confronted with an unexpected legal question. Yes, the questions rarely have anything to do with your area of practice, but you want to steer your acquaintance in the right direction, right? After all, isn’t your professional reputation at stake among your friends?

    Save your reputation with Wisconsin Attorneys’ Desk Reference from State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE©, newly revised for 2017.

    From Age Discrimination to the Lemon Law to Estate Planning

    Family gatherings are similarly fraught occasions, where a pop question could arise at any time. A relative could pull you aside to get some advice about how to deal with potential age discrimination at work (Section 1.9) or ask what she can do about the brand-new car that is starting to look suspiciously like a lemon (Chapter 14).

    An unanticipated question might even come up in your office, when your tax client asks you whether it is possible to make his labradoodle a beneficiary of his will (Section 35.48).

    No matter what issues your acquaintances, family members, or clients throw at you, the Attorney’s Desk Reference points you to the appropriate next steps.

    Information on More Than 35 Practice Areas

    Simply put, Attorney’s Desk Reference provides quick, basic answers to practical questions arising in more than 35 practice areas, including criminal procedure, probate, divorce, trademark law, bankruptcy, landlord-tenant, and mental health.

    This resource is a tremendous timesaver for the general practitioner, and indispensable for Wisconsin attorneys who are called upon to address legal matters that fall beyond their usual areas of expertise.

    Even attorneys who routinely practice in the specific areas covered will benefit from having quick, easy access to clearly outlined legal standards and procedures, as well as annually updated information.

    The 2017 revision incorporates up-to-date information about legal developments such as:

    • Legislative changes regarding the foreclosure process

    • A self-petition remedy for immigrants who are suffering from domestic abuse

    • A new chapter in the Wisconsin Administrative Code relating to rules on pre-employment drug testing for unemployment insurance claimants

    How to Order

    Wisconsin Attorney’s Desk Reference is available in both print and online via Books UnBound®, the State Bar’s interactive online library. The print book costs $219 for members and $269 for nonmembers. Electronic forms from the book are available online to print book owners and to Books UnBound subscribers.

    Subscribers to the State Bar’s automatic supplementation service will receive future updates at a discount off the regular price. Annual subscriptions to Books UnBound start at $159 per title (single-user price, call for full-library and law-firm pricing).

    For more information, or to place an order, visit the WisBar Marketplace or call the State Bar at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838.

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