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  • April 05, 2023

    Referral Service Connects Lawyers with Clients Virtually

    The State Bar of Wisconsin's Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) connects people seeking lawyers with lawyers seeking clients. Join now and get April, May, and June free in 2023.
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    April 5, 2023 – Whether you want to grow your practice with new clients, add a new area of practice, or expand into another market, the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) connects lawyers with prescreened clients who have indicated a willingness and ability to pay for your legal services.

    LRIS is looking for lawyers of all levels of experience for its referral service. Memberships run annually from July 1 to June 30. Join now through June 2024, and receive registration free for April, May, and June this year.

    LRIS Helps Access to the Legal System

    A membership with LRIS can help you grow your practice with new clients, add a new area of practice, or expand into another market.

    “LRIS is ideal for attorneys who are new to a region or an area of law and those looking to develop a book of business,” says Steven Krueger of Green Bay, chair of the LRIS committee.

    LRIS is a great way for lawyers to gain experience in a specific area of practice – lawyers choose to receive referrals only in the practice areas they prefer.

    “The service is a great way to establish a focus,” Krueger said. “You can choose to answer calls in only the specific areas of law in which you have an interest.”

    LRIS is also a resource when lawyers are scarce – such as in rural communities. “Legal services can be inaccessible to people for a number of reasons. LRIS offers attorneys the ability to bridge service gaps in their communities and provide valuable access to quality legal services that might otherwise be out of reach,” Krueger said.

    How LRIS Works

    Every year, LRIS legal assistants field more than 20,000 contacts from members of the public who are seeking legal information and referrals to attorneys.​

    When members of the public contact LRIS via the "I Need a Lawyer" LRIS webpage on, experienced legal assistants conduct a careful screening before referring matters to member attorneys. In fiscal year 2021-22, assistants received 36,469 contacts that resulted in 11,214 referrals.

    When you become a LRIS panel member, you choose the areas of practice – up to 60 specific areas – and the geographic locations for client referrals, and choose whether to receive referrals only by phone, or by phone and online.

    “It is very important to choose those specific areas in your profile,” Krueger said. “That way, our staff knows who to send your way.”

    LRIS Online Portal

    Panel members have access to LRIS Online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there is no additional charge for participation. The portal allows panel members to more efficiently track LRIS referrals and manage their memberships.

    Accessible from anywhere via an internet connection, the portal allows you to:

    • get referrals via email;

    • receive automatic case tracking and status reporting;

    • ​keep track of settlement fees and payments;

    • submit quarterly reports digitally;

    • edit your demographic profile and update your availability to take referrals; and

    • renew your LRIS membership and pay online.

    LRIS Members: Showcase your Superstar Legal Knowledge

    LRIS is partnering with the Wisconsin Newspaper Association to produce and distribute a new legal column – “Know Your Legal Rights” – to its 200+ member media outlets across the state.

    As a LRIS member, you are invited to serve as a subject matter expert by writing for this column (500 to 800 words). Stories may appear in print, online, or both in publications across the state.

    Since April 2022,​ these member-written columns were published 285 times in newspapers across the state.

    A great example from July is “Drinking and Boating: What you need to know,” by Atty. Alexus Garuz, published in the Sun Prairie Star.

    “We believe this is an excellent PR opportunity for participating members and will be a great service to Wisconsin residents looking for topical legal help,” said Katie Wilcox, State Bar customer and consumer services manager.

    For more information on writing for this column, contact Mike Wiltse, State Bar public relations specialist, or (608) 354-6385.

    How to Join LRIS: Join Now and Get Up To 3 Months Free

    For more information and to join, visit the Lawyer Referral and Information Service webpage. There you’ll find membership rates and learn the rules of panel membership.

    Registrations renew July 1. Join now through June 2023, and receive registration free for April, May, and June this year. New lawyers receive a further discount off the registration price.




    One Year (expires June 30, 2024)


    Two Years (expires June 30, 2025) Register through June 2025 and save 10%


    New Lawyer* (expires June 30, 2024)


    Lawyer Admitted in 2023 (expires June 30, 2024)


    *New Lawyer: lawyer admitted to practice between July 1, 2021, and Dec. 31, 2022

    Spanish Speakers Needed

    LRIS is growing, and our staff now has the ability to field calls from individuals who speak Spanish as their primary language. The service is especially in need of bilingual attorney members to help these clients. Find out more on the Lawyer Referral and Information Service webpage.

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