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  • May 04, 2022

    Double Your Donation: A Powerful Way to Make an Impact

    The Wisconsin Law Foundation supports programs that enhance the public's knowledge of the justice system, encourages diversity in the profession, and assists young lawyers with taking up leadership roles. Now is the time to remember the Foundation on your dues statement – your donations can have double the impact.
    donate to the Wisconsin Law Foundation banner

    May 4, 2022 – Statewide programs supported by the Wisconsin Law Foundation – through generous donations from State Bar of Wisconsin members – have made major impacts.

    “The Wisconsin Law Foundation needs the financial support of State Bar members to make a difference in our communities and our profession,” said Peggy Herlitzka, Foundation president.

    As the charitable arm of the State Bar of Wisconsin, the Law Foundation promotes public understanding of the law, and supports creative programs that have a long-lasting, positive impact on Wisconsin youth and adults.

    Herlitzka asks that you consider a gift to support the Foundation's programs via your dues statement.

    And thanks to a very generous pledge, your donations can be doubled.

    That pledge is by Law Foundation board member attorney Kevin Lyons and his wife, Roseann Lyons. Thanks to their generosity, donations from individuals who are donating to the Wisconsin Law Foundation for the first time or those who have not donated since July 1, 2018, will be matched for a cumulative dollar total of up to $25,000.

    This challenge campaign ends June 30, 2022 – so now is the perfect time to make a donation. Make your donation today – and make twice the impact.

    It's easy to give: just add your contribution to line 9 on your State Bar dues statement. If a colleague fills out your form for you, just let them know you wish to make a contribution to the Wisconsin Law Foundation.

    If you have already sent in your dues statement, you can make a donation online at

    "We sincerely appreciate any contribution amount. Thank you for your consideration and support," says Herlitzka.

    Wisconsin Law Foundation Supports Vital Programs in Wisconsin

    There is no doubt about it: the generosity of State Bar members provide support for the many programs of the Wisconsin Law Foundation.

    Over the past decade, the Law Foundation has become a significant source toward making a meaningful impact for important law-related programs throughout the state.

    These programs include High School Mock Trial – which provides a very real experience for students to learn about our justice system and gain a fundamental understanding and appreciation of the rule of law and the vital role it plays in a civil society. These students also learn many valuable life skills.

    The Law Foundation provides funding for a broad array of programs in communities across Wisconsin, including:

    • developing the next generation of legal and civic leaders;

    • promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives;

    • supporting teen courts and restorative justice efforts; and

    • providing grants to attorneys providing services in rural and underserved communities.

    To meet the demand and help address issues caused by the pandemic, the Law Foundation is working hard to increase its ability to support these programs.

    Find out more about the Wisconsin Law Foundation through its newsletter, Impact.

    How Do I Donate?

    • add your contribution to line 9 on your State Bar dues statement.

    • mail a check to Wisconsin Law Foundation, 5302 Eastpark Boulevard, Madison, WI 53718-7158 (please write “match” on the memo line);

    • call Beth Drake at (608) 250-6171 or (800) 444-9404, ext. 6171, to make a donation by credit card over the phone; or

    • make a secure online donation through Marketplace at

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