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Every Fall Wisconsin High School students are given the opportunity to sign-up for mock trial. The mock trial program is a great way to introduce high school students to the legal system, it gives them the opportunity to analyze and prepare a case using facts and case materials developed by Wisconsin attorneys. Students gain a deeper understanding of the court system as they develop their arguments and build their cases. Students will enhance their public speaking skills as they are presenting their case in front of actual Judges and Attorneys. The Wisconsin mock trial program has been around for 31 years and we encourage you to participate in this year’s competition.

Wisconsin State Mock Trial Championship - March 13, 2016

Mock Trial E-List

Once you have registered a mock trial team, both the teacher coach and attorney coach will be added to the mock trial list serve. You will be given a password to access the list serve. The list serve is used over the course of the “mock trial season” to post questions relating to the case materials; share information with other coaches; and /or to discuss case-related information. Information regarding mock trial deadlines and information relating to the regional and semifinal tournaments may also be posted to the list serve as well as results of the tournaments.

If you would like further information you can contact Katie Wilcox via email or telephone.


(608) 250-6191
(800) 444-9404 ext. 6191

Public Affairs - Mock Trial
C/O State Bar of Wisconsin
5302 Eastpark Blvd.
Madison, WI 53718-2101

Upcoming Dates

Online Registration
September 18, 2017

Case Release
October 9, 2017

Final Entry Deadline
November 13, 2017

Team Drop Deadline
December 12, 2017

Regional Tournament
February 10, 2018

State Semifinals
March 9-10 2018

State Finals
March 11, 2018

National Championship in Reno, Nevada
May 2018