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TriCounty Bar Association

Buffalo, Jackson, Pepin & Trempealeau Counties

TriCounty Bar Association  

The TriCounty Bar Association consists of all interested lawyers in Buffalo, Jackson, Pepin, and Trempealeau Counties, in addition to local judges and associate members by sponsorship. It is the first incorporated bar association in the State of Wisconsin, and the first to have its own home page on the Web. Over the years, members of this bar association have contributed much to their own communities, in addition to serving the State Bar of Wisconsin and the judiciary.

An annual business meeting is held each January in conjunction with CLE offerings. An annual multi-day summer meeting is held each August at the bar association's own cabin on Lake Pepin, adjacent to a YMCA camp rented by the association for lodging and meal purposes. Other 'meetings' result from the common practice of most members attending a member's funeral as part of an organized group (with a private wake following, sometimes for quite a while).

Members are proud to be responsive to the needs of their clients, the public, and their fellow members. A willingness to help each other, to share information and skills that enhance the profession, is just one of the many factors contributing to an active and involved local bar association.

Membership Information

For more information about the Tri-County Bar Association, please contact Atty. Karina O'Brien or Atty. April Lande.