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General Information about LAW

LAW is a voluntary association of lawyers and other legal professionals concerned about the law as it affects women. LAW also focuses on issues affecting women in legal and law-related professions. Lunch meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon. Meetings are currently held at the Whitehorse Inn. Most meetings offer CLE credit.

Annual dues are $40, with student memberships at a reduced fee of $10. Members receive a monthly newsletter and the directory of the organization. For additional information, write to LAW, P.O. Box 2121, Madison, Wisconsin, 53701-2121, or contact one of the officers listed below.

A Short History of the Legal Association for Women ("LAW")

LAW was founded in 1974, when a group of UW Law School classmates decided to get together to discuss the joys and frustrations of practicing law. Among the founders were such familiar members of the Dane County legal community as Justice Shirley Abrahamson, Valerie Mannis, Eunice Gibson, and Jean Lawton. The founders were divided about the function of LAW. Some argued that an organization emphasizing women's interests and concerns was a superfluous rival to the existing bar. Others believed that a group designed to meet the needs of women practitioners was a desirable adjunct to the existing bar. Despite these differences, LAW began holding monthly meetings that featured brief programs to address the interests of women lawyers.

In 1983, with the adoption of bylaws, a more formal structure was initiated. The bylaws provide that "any person subscribing to the purpose of the Association ... is eligible for membership." The purpose of LAW is to advance the rights and interests of women in the legal profession and the judicial system, to promote equality and justice for all people, and to improve relations between the legal and judicial professions and the public.

Membership in LAW is open to all - male and female, lawyer and non-lawyer. Membership offers an opportunity to become involved in both substantive legal issues as well as social networking. LAW-sponsored projects and publications help make the legal profession accessible to the community.

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