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History of the Association for Women Lawyers

In 1975, women attorneys in Milwaukee Wisconsin met to form a group called the "Lawyers Association for Women". During the late 1970's, the group consisted of 30 to 40 members who met to share legal information and to network. The group became inactive by 1980, but in 1981 several members decided to renew the group by sponsoring a "Women Judges' Night" featuring a talk by Justice Shirley Abrahamson of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The success of this event led to the establishment of the current Association for Women Lawyers.

In the years since 1981, AWL's membership has grown to approximately 450 women and men attorneys largely (though not exclusively) practicing in the metropolitan Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Members are now served by an extensive monthly newsletter, 10 regular membership meetings a year, special events such as Women Judges' Night, judicial debates and social gatherings, and opportunities for service, legal education and professional networking.

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