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Books UnBound

What is Books UnBound?

State Bar of Wisconsin Books UnBound™ is a subscription-based online library of PINNACLE Books. These resources include State Bar of Wisconsin brown binders, the Wisconsin Business Advisor Series, and the Wisconsin Judicial Benchbooks*.

Why should I subscribe to Books UnBound™?

State Bar of Wisconsin Books UnBound™ titles are developed from the award winning PINNACLE Books you currently use. They contain the same reliable information from the same experts you already trust. With Books UnBound, you can save money on your research costs, save time by being more efficient with your current research, eliminate the bottle neck that can occur when the resource you need is being used by someone else in your firm, and take your research with you.

How long does a Books UnBound™ subscription run?

Your subscription to Books UnBound™ titles will run for 365 days. You will receive immediate access to your Books UnBound as soon as your payment is processed.

How does it work?

Once you subscribe to Books UnBound™ simply login to WisBar to access your titles in either of two ways.

  1. Go to the Legal Research tab at the top of the page, and begin a search. Your results will include results from Books UnBound™, Fastcase™, and other WisBar results categorized for easy review.
  2. Or you can go to myStateBar and select myMedia in your profile. There you can launch the book reader and will see all the titles you own.

How is Books UnBound™ different from other online books?

Books UnBound™ is the only resource that offers the content from PINNACLE Books that Wisconsin's attorneys have trusted and relied on for decades. Enhanced to serve as a rich research tool, Books UnBound™ includes FREE access to federal and state caselaw and statutes. There are no additional subscriptions required. The pages you see will resemble the pages you’re used to seeing in our print books.

Are Books UnBound™ transferable?

If you have access to Books UnBound™ through a firm subscription, your access will not transfer with you if you leave that firm. If you join a new firm, simply contact State Bar customer service with your new employment information; if that firm has a subscription, you will gain access through their Books UnBound™ subscription.

Will annual renewals be automatic?

Initially, renewals will not be automatic.* You will be invoiced for the renewal of your Books UnBound™ subscription for 10% off the regular subscription price approximately 60 days prior to your subscription expiration date. If we don’t hear from you, we'll send another renewal invoice prior to the subscription expiration date. If you do not respond to either renewal notice, your access to Books UnBound™ will end on the 366th day after your initial purchase. Once your subscription is terminated, you will no longer be eligible for the discounted renewal price and will need to purchase a new Books UnBound™ subscription at the full, regular price in order to regain access.

*The State Bar of Wisconsin reserves the right to allow purchasers to select automatic renewal in the future.

Are there discounts for volume or multi-user purchasers?

There are several pricing options for individual lawyers, law firms, and branch offices, including:

  • Individual titles
  • Select libraries of related books
  • Full library

Go to the Purchase Options page for a full explanation of your choices.

Can I cancel my Books UnBound™ subscription?

No, once purchased, a Books UnBound™ subscription is non-returnable and nonrefundable. There will be no full or partial refunds.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes! You may upgrade to a more inclusive subscription within 60 days of your initial purchase, and your initial purchase payment will be credited to the current full price of the expanded subscription. Your new subscription period will start running on the date of your upgrade. No other discounts may apply.

Can I test one out?

Absolutely! Every Books UnBound™ title has the first section of the book available for review. This includes the table of contents, author information, forwards and introductions, and the first chapter of each book.

To test drive the title of your choice, go to the list of titles and select the title you would like to review.

I already own PINNACLE Books titles in print. Do I have to subscribe separately to those books online?

Yes. PINNACLE Books print publications and Books UnBound™ are separate products, each with their own features and benefits, and must be purchased separately.

Will PINNACLE Books continue to offer print books?

Yes. The State Bar of Wisconsin is pleased to be able to offer you information in a variety of formats allowing you to choose the type most valuable for you. Many PINNACLE Books users may feel that print books are more useful in some situations, while online resources are most effective in others.

I subscribe to automatic supplementation ("auto-supp") for my print books. If I buy Books UnBound™ subscriptions to these titles, will I continue to receive print supplements and revisions?

Yes. PINNACLE Books print publications and Books UnBound™ are separate products. If you are on auto-supplementation for your printed books, you will continue to receive the print updates with invoices. If you no longer wish to receive print supplements, you must call State Bar customer service to cancel your auto-supplementation subscriptions.

* Books UnBound™ titles will not include State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE codebooks.

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