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    • Planning in the Face of Adversity: Wisconsin and Federal Estate and Gift Taxes
    • Dramatic changes in the federal estate, gift, and generation-skipping taxes occurred in December 2010. But unless congress extends them, the changes will expire at the end of 2012 and will revert to the federal law in place in 2001. This uncertainty makes estate planning even more challenging. Here is a look at the federal changes and the current state of Wisconsin's estate and gift taxes.
    • The Daubert Standard in Wisconsin: A Primer
    • The legislature changed Wisconsin’s rules of evidence regarding lay and expert witness testimony. For all actions filed on or after Feb. 1, the Daubert reliability standard now applies. This primer discusses the Daubert evidence rules and focuses on the new foundational elements.
    • Bankruptcy Basics for Attorneys
    • Part one of this two-part series on bankruptcy law introduces concepts and practice tips so that nonbankruptcy lawyers may identify situations in which it is appropriate to consult with a bankruptcy attorney on the lawyer's own behalf or on behalf of prospective or current clients.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • Coming Full Circle
  • Rather than the typical State Bar annual convention, look for two institutes focusing CLE on targeted practice areas.
  • President's Message
  • Stakeholders in Justice
  • Criminal justice stakeholders' partnership emphasizes the need to adequately fund the justice system.
  • Viewpoint
  • Why Avery Matters
  • The Steven Avery wrongful conviction raises difficult questions that go to the heart of our justice system.