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    • Teens Test Their Mettle in Mock Trials
    • For 25 years, students in the Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Program have learned a lot about the law and the legal system - and about themselves. Read what motivates students to participate and why each year hundreds of lawyers, judges, and teachers support this volunteer-intensive statewide program.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • Committee Dissolution
  • When a committee no longer serves its intended purpose, it can be dissolved, and that's what happened to the Group and Prepaid Legal Services Committee.
  • Invest in Another 25 Years of Mock Trial
  • To recognize the hundreds of judicial, attorney, teacher, and student volunteers who have contributed to the success of the Mock Trial Program since its inception in 1983, a special 25th anniversary celebration will be held on March 16 in Madison in conjunction with the state competition. Consider becoming an event sponsor or investing in Wisconsin's young people by making a financial gift through the Wisconsin Law Foundation (WLF).
  • President's Message
  • Gone, But Not Forgotten
  • Nearly a third of the State Bar membership resides outside of Wisconsin _ in every state, in most territories, and elsewhere. Recent changes increase nonresident representation and make it easier for our nonresident members to fulfill mandatory continuing legal education requirements.
  • Volunteer Options
  • Get Involved in Mock Trial
  • The annual Mock Trial Tournament is run with assistance from hundreds of volunteer lawyers, judges, and coordinators in communities statewide. The time commitment for volunteer opportunities ranges from a half day to several months to a few minutes to pledge monetary support.
  • Ethics
  • Developing an Ethical Firm Web Site
  • A Web site can be an excellent marketing tool for law firms of all sizes - when it's set up and used correctly. Here are some tips about site appearance, functionality, and content to help make your site effective and ethical. For ethics advice, call (608) 250-6168 or (800) 444-9404, ext. 6168.
  • Respond to our next question
  • How would I recover if my office was destroyed?
  • I worry about keeping my practice going if disaster strikes and my files are destroyed. The "what ifs" are making me lose sleep - what if there's a fire, what if there's a burst water pipe, what if there's a tornado or a flood. What can I do now to protect my practice?
  • Act Within the Legal Framework for All Personnel Matters
  • Know the legal framework you must act within. Although Wisconsin is an employment-at-will state, there are still a number of laws that affect what you can do and especially what you should or should not say. Especially avoid comments that could be interpreted as discriminatory under the equal employment opportunity laws.
  • Keep the Dialog Going…
  • Add to this discussion. Email your response for possible inclusion in a future issue, subject line: Underperforming staff. Limit your response to 200 words. Responses may be edited for style and clarity.
  • Letters
  • Letters to the editor: The Wisconsin Lawyer publishes as many letters in each issue as space permits. Please limit letters to 500 words; letters may be edited for length and clarity. Letters should address the issues, and not be a personal attack on others. Letters endorsing political candidates cannot be accepted.