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  • Inside the Bar
  • A Side of Bear?
  • A recent State Bar survey identifies competitive challenges to the legal profession, including direct competition in providing legal services, rapid evolution of the law, technology, and more.
  • Ethics Seminars
  • State Bar CLE Seminars offers these cost-effective video replay and telephone seminars.
  • Ethics
  • Assessing Client Competence
  • New proposed SCR 20:1.14 guides lawyers in assessing a client's capability of making reasoned decisions regarding the legal matter for which the lawyer is providing representation.
  • Technology
  • Assessing Information on the Internet
  • How do you know what's behind that Web site? Healthy skepticism and critical evaluation techniques are basic lawyering traits that should be used when assessing the credibility of Internet-based information.
  • Career
  • Networking - Creating Crucial Connections
  • The connections you make with people can find you the job you want, provide needed support, get you answers to important questions, bring you business, and sustain you over the long haul. Here's what you need to know to craft those crucial connections.