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    • The Schiavo Case in Wisconsin
    • While the Schiavo case arose in Florida, it raises profound ethical questions and important legal issues nationwide. This article outlines the facts and legal issues of the Schiavo case and examines how such a case might have been decided in Wisconsin.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • No computer or Internet security system, no matter how sophisticated, can prevent a determined person from electronically targeting or stalking another person.
  • President's Message
  • I hope that my year as president shows that member participation in the State Bar is open to a wide variety of practitioners and viewpoints, because all of our voices are valued and needed to advance members' and the public's interests in the law.
  • Other Significant 2004 Cases
  • Space does not permit a more complete discussion, but the holdings of these other informative cases are summarized below.
  • Practice Tips
  • Improving the representation of women and minority lawyers in your firm may enhance your business as more clients factor in diversity when choosing a law firm.
  • Advance Directives Record Individuals' Wishes
  • The Schiavo case has important implications for doctors, patients and their loved ones, attorneys, and others in Wisconsin and nationwide. Most importantly, the case highlights the importance of clearly expressing one's medical treatment preferences in advance of incapacity. Forms and additional information are readily available, often at no cost. Do your clients a favor - educate them about the need for these directives.