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  • Inside the Bar
  • Top off your CLE and networking experiences by indulging in "anniversary cake" in celebration of the State Bar's first 125 years during the Annual Convention, May 7-9, in Milwaukee.
  • President's Message
  • By a narrow margin, IOLTA funding for legal aid to the poor survives a constitutional challenge.
  • Editorial
  • Are We Really Raising the Bar?
  • Lawyers have a responsibility to alter the behaviors that tarnish their image and that of the profession. It begins with the individual attorney and starts by treating clients as people, not as cases.
  • Capitol Training
  • Wisconsin Lawyers in Congress 2
  • Legal training aids Wisconsin's congressional delegates in their work on various committees and across all issues ... from analyzing problems from multiple perspectives to evaluating the effect of laws in the real world. Read what Wisconsin's delegates think lawyers should watch for in the current session.
  • Practice Tips
  • Determining administrative intent is important to lawyers who are trying to ascertain if an administrative regulation applies to their clients. Read how scope statements can help, and learn where to find them.
  • Technology
  • If your firm is still squeezing the last ounce of life out of Windows 98 on some of your PC systems, you need to read this to learn some coping techniques.
  • Legislative Watch
  • Wisconsin's Biennial Budget BilL affects court budgets and increases filing fees. This column identifies budget items that affect Wisconsin's justice system.
  • Managing Risk
  • Managing Records Effectively
  • Well-managed records can speed up disaster recovery. If your files are in A shambles now, expect a longer recovery period if disaster strikes. This column covers the fundamentals of an effective records management plan. Future columns will address electronic records management and document recovery techniques following a disaster.