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  • Inside the Bar
  • Phil Habermann, the State Bar's first executive, led the charge for innovative member and public services.
  • President's Message
  • Members' opinions influenced the executive committee's recent amicus vote. Providing feedback to your elected representatives is just one way you can make a difference in your bar and the legal profession.
  • Practice Tips
  • The illegal provision in a residential lease cannot simply be severed and the remainder of the lease enforced, because to so allow undermines the underlying intent of the regulations.
  • Community Service
  • Her birth certificate read "Unnamed Jones," but everyone knew her as "Latricia" - and now the state does too, thanks to the pro bono efforts of attorney Jennifer Kopp.
  • Career
  • Leaving a Law Job Without Leaving a Bad Taste
  • Here are several tips you can follow to smooth your transition to a new job, either within or outside the law, and keep from burning bridges. These are general tips; for information on avoiding ethical violations, please consult relevant ethics rules and guidelines in your jurisdiction.