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  • September 03, 2014

    121 Wisconsin Lawyers Named as Pro Bono Honor Society Members

    Congratulations to the 121 lawyers who are recognized as 2013 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members. Recently created by the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission and the State Bar of Wisconsin Pro Bono Program, the honor society recognizes lawyers who provided pro bono legal services in excess of 50 hours during the last year.
    Pro Bono Honor Society

    Click here to learn more about the Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society, and visit the State Bar Pro Bono Directory to find out more about how you can help close the justice gap.

    Sept. 3, 2014 – The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission and the State Bar of Wisconsin Pro Bono Program recognize 121 lawyers as 2013 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members. The State Bar and the Commission recently created the honor society to provide annual recognition to Wisconsin lawyers who volunteer a substantial amount of their time to help improve the administration of justice and expand access to justice for low-income Wisconsin residents. To qualify, lawyers must have performed at least 50 hours of eligible pro bono legal services during the past calendar year. Eligible pro bono legal services for this program means the direct provision of legal services without fee or expectation of fee, or at a substantially reduced fee to:

    1. persons of limited means;
    2. organizations in matters that are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited means; or
    3. charitable, religious, civic, community governmental and educational organizations to secure or protect civil rights, civil liberties or public rights so long as a substantial majority of such services benefit persons of limited means or organizations that serve persons of limited means

    “These lawyers made a huge difference in the lives of abuse victims, parents, children, consumers, immigrants, tenants, homeowners, and organizations that serve the poor” says the State Bar’s Pro Bono Coordinator, Jeff Brown. “I’m looking forward to seeing more of our members from every community when nominations open again early next year.”

    Congratulations to the 121 lawyers who are recognized as 2013 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members.

    Susan Aasen, Hayward

    Farheen Ansari, Madison

    Robert Arthur, Milwaukee

    John Bannen, Milwaukee

    Erin Barbato, Madison

    Sarjo Barrow, Madison

    John Birdsall, Milwaukee

    Noelle Bobbe, Milwaukee

    Christy Brooks, Milwaukee

    Timothy Bucher, Milwaukee

    William Burke, Milwaukee

    Frank Cappozzo, Waukesha

    Katherine Charlton, Milwaukee

    Linda Clifford, Madison

    Gwendolyn Connolly, Milwaukee

    Kevin Cronin, Middleton

    Lindsey Davis, Milwaukee

    Jacqueline Dee, Milwaukee

    David DeHorse, Madison

    Kevin Demet, Milwaukee

    Steven DeVougas, Milwaukee

    William Dineen, Milwaukee

    Alyssa Dowse, Milwaukee

    David Dudley, Washington state

    Jan Eder, Milwaukee

    Joseph Fasi II, Milwaukee

    Alanna Feddick-Goodwin, Marshfield,

    John Filcher, Green Bay

    Victor Forberger, Madison

    Matthew Fortney, Madison

    James Friedman, Milwaukee

    Christopher Froelich, Green Bay

    Saul Glazer, Madison

    Robert Goepel, Racine

    Andrew Golden, Milwaukee

    James Goldschmidt, Milwaukee

    Michael Gonring, Milwaukee

    Rachel Graham, Madison

    James Gramling Jr, Milwaukee

    Michelle Greendeer, Black river Falls

    Eamon Guerin, Milwaukee

    Brandon Gutschow, Milwaukee

    Jeffrey Haase, Berlin

    Daniel Hanrahan, Chicago

    Mark Hinkston, Racine

    Brad Hoeft, Port Washington

    Daniel Hoff, Appleton

    Sheri Humphrey, Madison

    Ann Jacobs, Milwaukee

    Richard Jacobson, Madison

    David Jennings III, Cedarburg

    Steven Johnson, Appleton

    Scott Jurk, Franksville,

    John Kerscher, Manitowoc

    Kathryn Knowlton, Wauwatosa

    Harvey Kurtz, Milwaukee

    Kimberly Lawton, Ashland

    Timothy Lecher, Milwaukee

    Joanne Lipo Zovic, Shorewood

    Jack Longert, Madison

    Alexis Lundgren, Milwaukee

    Amy MacArdy, Milwaukee

    Kurt Malmquist II, Thiensville

    Marsha Mansfield, Madison

    Margaret Maroney, Madison

    Robert Meldman, Milwaukee

    Courtney Meyer, West Bend

    Jay Miller, Whitefish Bay

    Nancy Mills, Appleton

    John Mitby, Madison

    Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, Richfield

    Nancy Morris, Milwaukee

    Mitchell Moser, Milwaukee

    John Movroydis, Brookfield

    Kathryn Muldoon, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Naeger, Milwaukee

    Brittany Naleid, Milwaukee

    Joseph Norby, Appleton

    Daniel O’Callaghan, Madison

    Adrienne Olson, Milwaukee

    Alan Olson, New Berlin

    Katherine Perhach, Milwaukee

    Andrew Phillips, Oshkosh

    Robert Pledl, Milwaukee

    Nancy Pomes, Whitefish Bay

    Ashley Poteat, Milwaukee

    Natalie Remington, Wauwatosa

    Isaac Roang, Milwaukee

    Linda Roberson, Madison

    Patrick Russell, Brookfield

    Leila Sahar, Milwaukee

    Rebecca Salawdeh, Milwaukee

    Amy Salbert, West Bend

    Carrie Santulli Schudda, Oregon

    John Schaak, Hartland

    Deborah Scheid, Milwaukee

    Leslie Schmerin, Milwaukee

    Patrick Schoen, Milwaukee

    Melissa Scholz, Madison

    Raymond Schrank II, Muskego

    Angela Schultz, Milwaukee

    David Schultz, Oshkosh

    Dawn Shaha, Menasha

    Julie Short, Madison

    Ellen Sinclair, Milwaukee

    Deborah Stencel, Milwaukee

    Christina Tenuta, Madison

    Mark Treter, Greendale

    Kelly Turenne, Milwaukee

    Gilbert Urfer, Milwaukee

    Tonya Vachirasomboon, Milwaukee

    Valerie Vidal, Milwaukee

    Cody Wagner, Madison

    Laura Waite, Waupaca

    David Weber, Green Bay

    Travis West, Madison

    Marcus Wester, Milwaukee

    Ritch Williams, Madison

    Joseph Wilson, Milwaukee

    J. Adam Woodford, Madison

    Learn more about the Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society.

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