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  • January 02, 2014

    The Mobile Lawyer: Android and iPad Apps You Can Use in the Courtroom and in Legal Research

    There are numerous law-related apps available for the Android and the iPad. This article briefly describes some of them. More information is available through the U.W. Law School Library.

    Kris Turner

    Jan. 2, 2014 – Tablets and apps make it easier to do a multitude of everyday activities: check bus schedules, read the news, buy tickets … you name it, there’s an app for it. The legal profession is no exception. In this article you will find some great apps for both Android and the iPad that can help you succeed in the courtroom or on the go.

    This list just scratches the surface. For more great apps for both Android and IOS devices, check out the U.W Law School Library’s online guides to IOS apps and Android apps for the legal professional.

    Legal Research Apps


    Availability: Android and Apple

    Price: Free

    Fastcase is a State Bar of Wisconsin member benefit and offers free access all members. Containing statutes from all 50 states and the federal government, a newspaper archive and legal forms, Fastcase is pretty comprehensive. You can also search Pacer as well as organize your documents.

    westlaw nextWestlaw Next

    Availability: Android and Apple

    Price: Free

    Westlaw’s app provides mobile access to any firm or school that has a Westlaw subscription. The app’s design is intuitive and makes it easy to navigate through the powerful Westlaw database and share your research with others.

    lexis advanceLexis Advance

    Availability: Apple

    Price: Free

    Lexis Advance provides mobile access to Apple users whose firm or school subscribes to LexisNexis. Lexis, one of the largest legal databases, gives users a simple interface to access cases and statutes and much more on the go. Android users: Lexis Court Link has useful docket updates, but no Lexis Advance app yet.

    push legalPush Legal

    Availability: Android and Apple

    Price: Free on Android; $1.99 for Apple

    Push Legal is similar to FastCase in that other state bars offer free subscription to bar members. Again, subscription is required to access research, but the app works well for quick statute and case look-ups for attorneys in court or in a hurry.

    black's law dictionaryBlack’s Law Dictionary

    Availability: Apple (Android coming soon)

    Price: $54.99

    Black’s Law Dictionary is one of the most well-known legal reference sources, and this app, while pricey, is worth it if you find yourself referencing it often.

    dlawdLaw (Formerly DroidLaw)

    Availability: Android

    Price: Free

    dLaw, exclusively available on Android devices, provides free access to Federal Rules and the U.S. Constitution. For a fee, you can purchase other statutes as needed and build the reference material that you require. Wisconsin statutes cost $9.99.


    Availability: Android and Apple

    Price: Free

    LawBox provides a very fast search function and a built-in library that users can download as needed. Some functions are built-in and free, while others can be purchased.

    oyez todayOyez Today

    Availability: Apple and Android

    Price: Free

    Oyez Today is created by the Chicago Kent College of Law to provide users with updates on the most current U.S. Supreme Court cases. Audio of oral arguments and transcripts are included as well as the most recent Supreme Court decisions and full opinions.

    Trial and Litigation


    Availability: Android and Apple

    Price: $9.99 on Android, $19.99 on Apple

    iJuror began as an Apple app and was ported over to the Android. The app helps you select and organize your juries and slot in alternates easily. You can annotate, print, and much more.


    Availability: Android

    Price: $7.99

    Depose offers you plenty of options for creating depos. You can attach exhibits, create notes for each depo, and rearrange questions on the fly.


    Availability: Apple

    Price: Free

    eDepoze utilizes a cloud-based system that allows you to work on depos either on your iPad or your computer at your office. You can mark, share and note exhibits in real-time and review your own personal copies.


    Availability: Apple

    Price: $89.99

    TrialPad, while easily the most expensive app on this list, also provides attorneys with the most functionality and flexibility. Present your case wirelessly from your iPad, make callouts from depositions or notes, share and organize everything to your liking, draw freehand on the whiteboard, and import a variety of file types.

    exhibit aExhibit A

    Availability: Apple

    Price: $14.99

    Exhibit A makes it easy to present your exhibits and other presentations in court. Just mirror what is on your iPad to the projector!

    lawyer on goLawyer ON GO

    Availability: Android

    Price: $19.99

    Lawyer ON GO provides an easy way to keep client information organized. You can pull up information on any case or client very quickly in this easy-to-understand app.

    mobile transcriptMobile Transcript

    Availability: Apple

    Price: Free

    Mobile Transcript is a cheap and easy way to review transcripts with your iPad. You can track billable hours while reviewing and highlight items within the app itself.

    ediscovery assistanteDiscovery Assistant

    Availability: Apple

    Price: $29.99

    eDiscovery Assistant gives you the chance to have everything in one place: your cases, a glossary, eDiscovery court rules, and more. The initial price gets you some features, while others can be added for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

    Three Other Nearly Indispensable Apps


    Availability: Android and Apple

    Price: Free

    Evernote has been garnering positive press and glowing reviews for awhile, and I have to agree. It works wonderfully as cloud-based notetaking, annotating, collaborating, and much more. I enjoy using it, which says a lot for a productivity app.

    logmein ignitionLogMeIn Ignition

    Availability: Android and Apple

    Price: $29.99 (or free for basic)

    LogMeIn Ignition is a great tool. If you forgot a file on your office computer, use this app to look at it from your iPad in court. You don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind and can access your work computer from anywhere.

    cam scannerCam Scanner

    Availability: Android and Apple

    Price: Free (or $4.99 for Pro)

    Cam Scanner is a must for anyone, attorneys or not. This app uses your device’s camera to snap a picture of a document and convert it to a PDF. You can then email, share, or save that document.

    Kris TurnerKris Turner is the reference and technology services librarian at the U.W. Law School Library. He created the Android legal apps guide and helps maintain the library’s website.

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